What makes this pandemic different from the ones we have had before? Why the widespread panic in this one?

What happens when a person who believes that the Corona virus is a liberal (or Chinese or Democratic or media) plot gets sick? Don’t they take the medical precautions anyway e.g. quarantine? Ideology and fantasy meet reality.

Is Wall Street realizing that having an incompetent idiot in power, even if he is your idiot, is not good for them?

Toilet paper will not save you.

As much as nationalists want to withdraw from the world, we cannot.

If you fire, ignore, deny, and denigrate the scientists they will not be there when you need them.

Expertise is not an elitist plot.

To protect one’s self, everybody needs medical coverage or you can’t go out in public. The people who wait on the 1% need to be healthy or the 1% are also at risk even on their private islands.

As conservatives dismantle the state, shouldn’t health care be up there with the military as necessary state functions that should be preserved?

There are parts of reality one cannot ignore, wish away, lie about, and blame on ideological or political opponents, or they will come back to bite you on the ass.

We all should have paid more attention to biology in high school.

When people are frightened they do and believe stupid things.

Too little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

When the president cares more about the stock market than protecting lives, this is what you get, a stock market crash, because the economy is really about the 99% not the 1%.

Few will learn these lessons.


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