For thirty years I worked as a professor at a small liberal arts college before retiring and stepping away to look at where the profession was going. The press of everyday battle, the pull of responsibilities and the inside perspective limit if not condition one’s view of the whole enterprise.  Occasionally one needs to step out of the river in order to see it. I was particularly concerned with two things: the educational “crisis” and digital tools for education.  The crisis in public education is leaving some (usually the poor) with a limited education and view of the world, while offering critical thinking, skills, and training to the wealthy and the poor who have managed to succeed in the crappy educational system. The second thing that interested me was the availability of new digital tools to use in education. Could these tools help with the “crisis” in education? How should these new tools change the way we teach or our pedagogical goals and methods? This blog will be an opportunity to muse and think out loud about the potential and actual use of digital education as seen from the perspective of one who has looked at the college educational enterprise over time and from many perspectives.