I am going to have diarrhea from now until November because the thought of Trump becoming president again scares the sh*t out of me. I have run out of adjectives to describe this racist, blowhard, narcissistic, white supremacist, dishonest con man. He has told us his plans if elected, so his candidacy fills me with worry. However, winning the Iowa caucuses rarely leads to victory in the general election. The last one to do it was George W. Bush. The winner is usually some maverick who loses out in later primaries.

I am not Nostradamus or even Miss Cleo thinking I can predict the future, but looking at the situation dispassionately makes me believe the following. Barring the Supreme Court declaring him ineligible because he encouraged insurrection on January 6, Trump will be the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Unless he asks out because of health, Biden will be the presumptive Democratic nominee. Any thoughts that the Republican or Democratic parties will do anything else are pipe dreams. If we get this rematch of 2020 I believe Biden will win. The Iowa caucuses support me that Trump will not win the general election. . While the media in its attempts to gin up headlines proclaims this as a landslide victory for Trump, a closer look shows that it actually shows Trump’s weakness. First of all only 8% of Iowa Republicans voted for Trump. It is true that weather conditions suppressed the turnout, but this means that 92% of Republican voters did not vote for him. Indeed only 51% of those who did turn out voted for him which also means that almost half did not and want to move on from Trump. It remains an open question whether the Republicans who did not vote for him in the primary would vote for him in the general election. I think we are seeing a defection among Republicans that will result in many staying home if the general election goes as indicated. In addition more registered voters in Iowa are Democratic or independent than Republican. I am not going to try to predict the actual results of the general election in Iowa, I just want to say that the number of voters turned off by his antics weaken his support even in a staunchly conservative state like Iowa. I believe this will be the trend nationally. The MAGA cultists will of course continue to support him, but others will stay home or vote for someone else.

On the other side there is Biden. Progressives rail against him particularly for his support of Israel genocide against the Palestinian people, his willingness to compromise, his failure to address effectively those issues that he campaigned for, and of course his age. There are those who will refuse to vote for him for what they feel are “principled” reasons. They will vote for third party candidates or simply stay at home and not vote. I beg you not to do this. Every vote thrown away like this is in fact puts Trump closer to the White House. What good is feeling righteous in a Trump ruled country? Those things you think are bad about Biden will be infinitely worse if Trump wins.

This election will be decided by turnout. The MAGA Trump cultists will turn out for him for sure. We need to get as many voters who will vote against him and for Biden as we can. It is imperative that right minded people vote and encourage others to. When it comes down to Trump vs. Biden as I think it will, I know what I’ll do. Yes support for Israel’s war against the Palestinians is genocide, but I will hold my nose and vote for Biden to defeat Trump. Then I will campaign to try to get Biden to change the things I don’t like. I could never imagine success at doing the same if Trump were president.

Finally there are the elections for the Senate and the House. We have seen how voting for Republicans who bow down to Trump has created a dysfunctional system. We need to oust them from government if we want to get anywhere. They have refused to compromise which is at the heart of our democracy, push Trump’s agenda rather than trying to solve our country’s problems, and operate out of fear for losing power rather than the interests of their constituents. From abortion to voter suppression they are out of touch with the majority of Americans. We need congress folks and senators who work for us not Trump.

Please join me and vote for our democracy in November.

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