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Education and Equity

This post is occasioned by the article here.  The argument here is that the question of educational equity should really be a matter of national concern.  This was buttressed by this Unicef report (thank you WDP) which points out the low rank of the United States compared to other developed countries in terms of health, education and opportunity equity for its children. The questioned I raised in this conversation was how to “frame” the argument for equity in terms that would gain some traction among the American people and their politicians.  One friend argued:

Digital Education and the “Marching Morons” Problem

Way back in my youth in an anthology I read a story by C.M. Kornbluth written in 1951 called “The Marching Morons.”  In it a man from the past awakes in a distant future shaped by a population problem.  Simply put there was not enough reproduction by those with high IQ’s and overproduction by those with low ones.  This has shaped a future where the few with high intelligence must constantly work to ensure the survival of the society because the vast majority of people are not intelligent enough to do so by themselves. You can read the plot summary