I have stopped talking about what a vile human being Donald Trump is. Most of you already know, those who don’t know by now are hopeless.

I have stopped being surprised by the depths of depravity, inhumane acts, and lack of concern for others, demonstrated by the Trump administration. Who knew that rock bottom had a basement?

I have stopped being surprised by the obliviousness of people to their own racism. This doesn’t mean that I have stopped working on alleviating it, but that you cannot underestimate the racism of American society.

I have stopped being surprised at the random acts of kindness I perceive. When people are giving, concerned for others, and genuinely want to improve the world, they can make up for the selfish, narrow-minded, and offhandedly cruel people who dominate the news cycle.

I have stopped watching network news. It gives a distorted view of the world that ignores how things in actuality are.

I have stopped listening to stories about Mueller and the possibility of impeachment. Impeachment will not come. The way to get rid of Trump is the 2020 election. All my efforts will be directed toward that goal.

I have stopped craving steak. I eat red meat about once or twice a month. The rest is chicken and fish.

I have stopped thinking vegans are weird people. I can now see the virtue in what they are doing. The first vegan I met was a guy who went to McDonald’s but only ordered the french fries. I now appreciate healthy eating.

I have stopped taking unlimited hot water for granted. A couple of weeks without it cured me of that.

I have stopped expecting people to be reasonable. Some are, some aren’t. I am now pleasantly surprised when I meet someone reasonable, but not disappointed when someone doesn’t listen to reason. At least I tried.

I have stopped expecting to go through the day without some part of me hurting. Getting old is a bitch.

I have stopped expecting to win the lottery. Now I dream of what I would do with all that money, but without buying a ticket. That way I get the best benefit of the lottery without the disappointment or the hassle.

I have stopped expecting others to live according to my principles. In exchange I have stopped living up to others’ expectations. Fair trade.

I have stopped bemoaning what I can’t do and either try to get better at it, stop doing it, or concentrate on the things I can do.

I have stopped expecting my boyhood favorite New York sports teams to be good and just accept them for what they are.

I have stopped expecting Tom Brady to get old.

I have stopped assuming things about people until they reveal them to me.

I have stopped watching so much television and read more instead.

I have stopped thinking travel to vacation spots is a waste of time. One just needs to be particular about where one goes.

I have stopped hoping the world will get better on its own and realize that I have to be part of the change I want to see. (Actually I did this a long time ago.)





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6 Responses to “20 things I have stopped doing”

  1. Bravo. Well considered and well said.

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks Barbara.

  3. Ken Lewallen says:

    Vegans are wierd. And you should eat red/white meat daily. I do — and it keeps my cardiologist’s kids in expensive private prep schools!

  4. Jeff Drummond says:

    Brilliant, as always. My love to you and the family! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Randy says:

    Thanks Jeffrey.

  6. Randy says:

    Ken I’m not a vegan yet and I don’t expect to be.


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